Bonnet Care

Fabrics are washed with Ecover non-bio in cold water. Bonnets are made in a home where two kitties live and every precaution is taken to keep fabrics and bonnets protected. Fabrics are stored where kitties can not access and bonnets are stored away until they are posted out to you. If your family is sensitive to pet dander, I recommend hand washing bonnets before wearing.

Here are some handy care instructions to help keep your bonnets looking their best.

  • Spot clean bonnets first. I have found that Ecover stain remover works best. It smells amazing, it's environmentally friendly, and what I use on vintage fabrics when needed.
  • Hand wash bonnets in cold water. If bonnets need a good scrubbing, leave to soak overnight.
  • Alway hang to dry and use a warm iron when needed. I recommend ironing lace bonnets on the flip side and not directly on the lace. For ruffle brimmed bonnets with lace, lift up the lace and only ironing the fabric as some of the laces I use are vintage and very delicate.
  • Some bonnet ties are pressed with scotch guard to make it easier to trim. If you find the ties are too stiff, you can dip them in warm water and leave to dry. They will return to their soft textures. Alternatively, the ties will soften with use.
  • If you decide to machine wash your bonnets, I suggest using a laundry bag to prevent damage to the brims and ties that might get tangled with other items. I got mine from Amazon and are great at preventing socks from going missing.