Club MLD

Welcome to Club MLD the new loyalty club that will earn you points towards discounts, freebies, and special access. For every order placed, you'll receive one MLD Paw Print. Each Paw Print will have a special discount or freebie on the back that can be used at anytime. However, if you save up your Paw Prints, you can use them together or for an even bigger reward!

5 saved Paw Prints will earn you a surprise make!

10 saved Paw Prints will earn you a make of your choice! Think custom, but free!

Club MLD terms and conditions:

  • Paw Prints can only be used once - so use them wisely. The original order number will be included on all Prints. This is to help me track what Prints have been used and which are still outstanding.
  • There will be opportunities to earn more Paw Prints by engaging with me on Instagram or through the MLD newsletter. If you haven't yet signed up, scroll to the bottom of the page and complete the registration.
  • It is your responsibility to keep track of your Paw Prints. No discounts will be given for missing prints, so keep them somewhere safe. I suggest taking a picture of each Print (front and back) in the event that the Prints are misplaced.
  • To cash in your Paw Prints, you must email or message me the Prints you'd like to use. The front and the back must be clearly visible to qualify. Once I have confirmed the Prints are valid, I will apply the correct discount to your order.
  • Paw Prints cannot be used in combination with any other discount or shop credit. There will be no exceptions to this.