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How to measure

As all babies are different, I always recommend measuring before ordering—even if your babe is an avid bonnet wearer. As bonnet fit can vary from shop to shop it is very important that you measure your babe especially if you have never ordered from Mitzi Loves Dottie before.

While my sizes are listed by age groups, please do not order based on just your babe's age bracket. Always order based on measurements.

There are just two measurements you need. Follow the steps and find the correct size below. If you have questions or need help, please email me.

1. Start from the jawbone, just under the earlobe, go up and over the head (just above the hairline) and back down to the other jawbone. This is your first measurement.

2. Start at the temple and go around the back of the head to the other temple keeping the measuring tape level. This is your second measurement.

Newborn 11.5" and 10" (this is the size I used for dolly bonnets)
0-3 13.5" and 12.25"
3-6 14" and 12.50"
6-12 14.5" and 14"
12-18 16" and 14.50"
18-24 16.5" and 15.25"
2-4 17.5" and 15.5"
4+ 18.5" and 16.5"