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Seasonal Essential Boxes

there are two subscription options, seasonally (one season at a time) or for a heavy discount, all four seasons. each season also comes with the option to swap or add a holiday themed bonnet.

summer - festival/beach
autumn - halloween
winter - christmas

spring - easter

each box contains two seasonally appropriate bonnets and two themed bows. the fabrics are carefully selected to fit within the season but, they will remain a surprise until they're received. you will however know the styles which allows for a little customisation. the bonnets are exclusive to the boxes and will not be available to order outside the subscription.

subscription options

seasonal subscription - single - £40

one seasonal box of your choosing. can be ordered in advance for the season you want. orders for the nearest season must be placed one month before the start of the season; 23rd of august for the autumn box.

seasonal subscription - annual - £120

all four seasons starting from the nearest season. as this option comes with a hefty discount, the full amount is due upon ordering.

seasonal subscription - add on - £15

with each season, you have the option to swap out one of the bonnets for a themed bonnet (halloween, christmas, easter) or a birthday bonnet. there is no additional charge for swapping. if you would like to add an additional themed or birthday bonnet, you can do so for an added £15 that is due one month before the start of the season to request a swap or add on bonnet, leave a note when ordering or get in touch.

what's in the box


-scallop sun brim
-sun hat
-festival themed swap or add on
-ruffle brim
-traditional mouse
-halloween themed swap or add on
-traditional tweed with pom
-christmas themed swap or add on
-traditional sherpa bunny
-eyelet brim
-easter themed swap or add on