custom, surprise, and made to order bonnets

Custom Bonnets

Specially made for you and your babe.

Those that love one-of-a-kind, this is the bonnet option for you. Custom bonnets can be made from fabrics within my own stash, or from those that you source. If new fabrics are more your thing, you're welcome to order what you want and have them posted to me. If you want help with this, I am happy to walk you through how much fabric is needed to complete your bonnet or order for you.

There are four custom bonnet listings available at the start of each month. Once these sell, there won't be another four until the following month. If you want a custom bonnet for a special occasion, holiday, or by specific date, I recommend planning ahead and ordering early.

The price of custom bonnets is £40 + postage

6 week turnaround time

Custom bonnets are non-refundable.

Click HERE for custom bonnet listings.

Surprise Bonnets

Who doesn't love a surprise?!

Similar to custom orders, surprise bonnets are all the fun of having something different (if not one of a kind) without the pressure of having to design the bonnet yourself or make decisions!

Surprise bonnets are designed based on all your loves. When ordering, you can leave me a note when you checkout or send me a message via Instagram or email. Here is where you will include all the things you love most; pastel colours, lace, tiny florals. You can add as many loves as you'd like, but I also recommend listing things you wouldn't like to see especially if you really dislike certain colours or themes. The more information, the better.

You will be notified once your surprise bonnet has been made and posted. You won't see it until it arrives at your home to surprise you!

There are multiple style options to select from. Use the drop down menu on the listing to select your favourite.

Price range £25 - £35 + postage

4 week turnaround time

Surprise bonnets are non-refundable.

Click HERE for all surprise bonnet listings

Made to Order Bonnets

I love making eared bonnets, but they take a lot more time than non-eared bonnets. I wish I could offer them in my monthly collection restocks and maybe in the future I will, but for now they will remain in the made to order section.

Price range £22 - £30

4 week turnaround time

Click HERE for all made to order bonnets