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Seasonal Essentials Summer Trial

Seasonal Essentials Summer Trial

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This is a subscription for four seasonal boxes that will be posted throughout the year.

Included in this subscription:

  • Summer Essentials Box - posted first week of May
  • Autumn Essentials Box - posted first week of August
  • Winter Essentials Box - posted first week of November
  • Spring Essentials Box - posted first week of February

Within each box, you'll received two essentials bonnets fitting for the season.

Summer - Sun Brim/Peak Brim (select one) + Arbour Hat
Autumn - Ruffle Brim + Traditional Mouse
Winter - Traditional Tweed with/without pom + Pixie
Spring - Eyelet Brim + Traditional Bunny

Fabric for all bonnets will be previewed one month before they are due to be posted. This is when you can choose to be surprised, knowing your bonnets will be made in one of the previewed fabrics, or you can select the fabrics.

Autumn and Winter boxes have the option to make them Spooky or Jolly. I'll swap the autumn and winter themed bonnets for Halloween and Christmas themed ones. Want both? Let me know you'd like a Spooky or Jolly boxes as well as your autumn and winter boxes. Spooky and Jolly boxes as add-ons will be invoiced separately for £25 the month before they're posted.

Want a special birthday bonnet included in your seasonal box? Let me know what season your babe's birthday falls in, and we can add a custom birthday bonnet. This is a custom that is designed around your specifications to make sure your babe gets the perfect birthday bonnet! Add-on custom birthday bonnets are £20.

As this subscription spans a full year, please keep me updated with sizing. You can change your sizing request up to one month before it is expected out. 

There are three ways to pay; full amount which is completed upon ordering, two payments of £50, and four payments of £25. For the two multiple payment options, I'll invoice you when each of the payments are due.

This subscription is a commitment to pay the full amount. Please take this into consideration when ordering.

These bonnets will all be exclusive to the boxes and will not be available to purchase outside the subscription.