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Surprise Bonnet

Surprise Bonnet

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This listing is for a surprise bonnet which feature a mixture of laces, colours, prints and fabrics.

The traditional and brimmed bonnets are all reversible, giving you two bonnets in one! They'll be lined in an organic cotton or linen, a colour that is complementary to the print side of the bonnet. If you have a preference of cotton or linen, please say so in the notes.

Eared bonnets will be lined in a neutral organic cotton or linen. You're welcome to leave a note if you have a preference.

Please leave a note to help me design your bonnet.

For example:
"Neutral colours, dusty tones, traditional style."
"Fun bright colours/rainbow prints, ruffle brim, double ruffle."
"Very girly and lots of lace, mouse ears."

Make sure to share your favourite colours and prints, and anything else like extra trims, double ruffles. The more details the better!

Please also note if this is for a boy or girl and anything you wouldn't like.

Surprise bonnets come with a 4 week turnaround time.

Surprise bonnets are nonrefundable.

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