I am currently on holiday celebrating my birthday month! Orders placed throughout July will be posted the first week on August.

Collection information

Bonnet collections release every two weeks on Sundays.

Welcome to Mitzi Loves Dottie, a small eco-friendly bonnet making business that specialises in the use of preloved, vintage, and donated materials. I believe that by taking advantage of fabrics that are already out in the world, creates for a more mindful way of living.

While I love each of my bonnets, I am not a fan of making the same ones over and over again. So I try to select fabrics that will only yield a small amount and why I favour working with vintage and preloved materials. Generally, once a fabric is used, the chances of finding it again are pretty slim which means my bonnets are all 1 to 10 of a kind.

Collection previews will happen at the start of the drop week, Monday mornings, on my Instagram stories. Here you will here my describe each bonnet, the fabric and if preloved, what the original 

Due to this, bonnet availability will constantly change. Previews for each collection will be listed here on the website starting on Monday of the drop week. This is your chance to see all the new bonnets for the month and which are available in your size. Saturday night, the website will lock so that I can prepare for the opening the following evening.  

Collection bonnets are all made and ready to post. This means that once they sell, I can not make anymore. I'm always on the look out for fabric favourites but as I'm using preloved materials, its very hard to find them again.

If you aren’t yet following us on Instagram @mitzilovesdottie, I recommend doing so as this is where I share information on upcoming collections.